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Jan Eskens

Management en organisatie, ICT, SBRM, veiligheidskunde, commerciële studies

Winnaar beste thesisbureau van Nederland

Al ruim 6.000 studenten succesvol geholpen (10+ jaar ervaring)

Jan Eskens

Jan has completed several studies (including ICT, Information Security Management, business administration, change management, loyalty, customer satisfaction, NPS and management and organization) and has gained experience at several companies and as an entrepreneur, trainer, coach, advisor, and international project manager in various topics and market areas (profit and non-profit). Since 2009, Jan has been guiding higher professional and university students in developing, executing and writing their thesis (regular and commercial education). Jan supervises higher professional and university bachelor’s and master’s students from various studies, including business administration, international business studies, marketing, communication, commercial economics, business economics, HTRO, leisure management, business administration MER, Master of Business Administration (MBA), SBRM, secondary safety science and MVK, integrated safety and related studies. Jan guides many students from Utrecht and the immediate area, but also works via Teams/Zoom/Skype (online).

”Given my background and experience, I am at home in many markets: a generalist with specialisms and I help students with their theses from various directions ranging from Integrated Safety, Commercial Economics, Human Resources (HR), MBA, Marketing to communication and other related studies. My strengths lie in the field of problem analysis, creating a connection between problem definition and research, analysis of (research) results, knowledge of theories and models and their applicability. Applying a common thread and a clear structure gives students something to hold on to. The best compliment I can receive from a student is: ‘you made me think’. When I see the lights come on in the eyes of ‘my’ students, it is good, they become enthusiastic and motivated for their own research. Great! All in all, my thesis supervision is concrete and focused on both content and coaching. I am happy to support you, both online and on location.”

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