Martin has a business background and graduated from Nyenrode. Martin then obtained his MBA from the University of Oregon and a post-master’s degree in education from the VU. Martin is very experienced and guides HBO and WO students through the entire thesis process or a specific part of it (such as the action plan ). The courses that Martin supervises range from educational studies, marketing, economics, business administration, leadership, MBA to related studies. His specializations are mainly marketing, technology, communication, business administration, export, commercial economics and related courses. In the past, Martin has taught at InHolland for various studies, and he has also gained experience at other educational institutions. Nowadays Martin is also a teacher at Nima C Marketing.

I am happy to use my knowledge and experience to help you with your thesis! If you are just getting started, have got stuck while writing your thesis or need a resit, you can always contact me. I like to think along with you in concrete terms and am also someone who can motivate you well and help you make progress and work towards the finish line.