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Marileen van Horne

Sociale studies, kwantitatief, kwalitatief

Winnaar beste thesisbureau van Nederland

Al ruim 6.000 studenten succesvol geholpen (10+ jaar ervaring)

Marileen van Horne

Marileen obtained a bachelor’s degree and a double master’s degree in Sociology, focusing on policy, social problems, qualitative and quantitative research. She is also doing a PhD at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, focusing on family relationships and early child development, and a bachelor’s degree in child and youth psychology.

For everything within Social Sciences and research, Marileen is the right place for you! She can help with methodology, SPSS , surveys, qualitative research (including interviews) and their analysis. She can also assist you with a systematic review. She can also offer guidance to students with fear of failure and delays in their study time, especially with regard to motivation, planning (small steps forward) and a listening ear. She has also suffered from perfectionism and imposter syndrome , so Marileen, as an expert by experience, can help you with this like no other!

Marileen has experience in guiding higher professional and university students, and her expertise comes from her work but also from her own experiences in the academic world.

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