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Judith Polman

Toerisme, Facility, Onderwijs en Allround

Winnaar beste thesisbureau van Nederland

Al ruim 6.000 studenten succesvol geholpen (10+ jaar ervaring)

Judith Polman

Judith is a graduation supervisor and examiner within various higher professional education courses. She can help you think about the content, research method, analyses, etc. Judith has a scientific background as an educational expert, she researches learning motivation and can also help you obtain a PhD . In her opinion, learning motivation is an essential and fascinating part of any form of education. For that reason, this is also Judith’s strong strength during her guidance of graduating students. Judith has built up expertise in guiding students with special educational needs, such as students with fear of failure , motivation problems, thesis stress, psychological problems, psychosocial problems, dyslexia or with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Judith worked in an expertise team of graduation supervisors focused on resit programs. Due to her background as an educational expert, she was able to embed the guidance of this expertise team in a curriculum.

Judith guides students from various courses. This mainly concerns courses in which applied social research is carried out. Often aimed at an advisory report, graduation file or content creation ( design-oriented research ). This concerns courses such as (particularly HBO and associate degrees): Media & Entertainment Management, Facility Management, Facility Event Management, Leisure & Events Management, Facility Event Management, Communication, Education Management, Tourism Management, Primary Education Teacher/Pabo, Teaching Assistant, Pedagogical Professional, Pedagogy , International Music Management, Social Work, Master Educational Leadership, Teacher Training, Master Learning and Innovation, Master Pedagogy and related business courses. Judith also supervises students from higher vocational and university courses within the behavioral sciences such as Educational Sciences, Physiotherapy, Educational Sciences, Pedagogical Sciences and Psychology.

Judith has experience with both qualitative research and quantitative research. This concerns both the implementation and analysis thereof and the guidance of students with this implementation and analysis. She is also familiar with the TEA structure: theoretical empirical analytical. Judith guides students from the west, center and east of the Netherlands, and also offers online guidance.

Characteristic of the guidance that Judith offers is her enthusiastic and personal approach and the results-oriented, sharp approach that is structured in terms of both the content of the thesis and the planning with the students.

You can contact Judith for thesis supervision in Zutphen and online.

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