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Henk van den Berg

Accountancy, Finance en economie/ business studies

Winnaar beste thesisbureau van Nederland

Al ruim 6.000 studenten succesvol geholpen (10+ jaar ervaring)

Henk van den Berg

Henk’s academic background is in accountancy (BSc and MSc) and he obtained his PhD (from Nyenrode Business University) in behavioral economics where he attempted to explain a specific area of ??international economics using psychological theories.

In addition, he has guided more than 100 students in writing their thesis and has acted as examiner for at least that many students during the thesis defense. Henk is also involved as an associate professor at a knowledge center at a university of applied sciences. So you can say that he knows the research and thesis process from all its facets.

The topics he supervises are often in the areas of business economics, international economics, marketing, logistics/supply chain management and accountancy. He is also a senior lecturer in various subjects related to business economics and research methodology. For the latter, consider writing problem statements, research proposals, academic writing and qualitative and quantitative ( SPSS ) data analysis.

You can contact Henk for thesis supervision for thesis in Dutch and English. He can also help you with academic writing, structuring your texts, developing research methods and gaining an overview of your work. His way of guiding/helping is concrete, positive and goal-oriented. Doing research is great fun, but we do it for a reason; to graduate.

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